Ski down a slalom type course against the clock

To move the skier use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The UP arrow moves the skier forward and increases speed as you hold it down, so it's probably not a good idea to keep your finger on it as you will end up going at full pelt the whole run. Pressing the LEFT and RIGHT arrows moves the skier to the left or right and the DOWN arrow key applies the brakes. Hazards Colliding with a tree is not a good idea as it can hurt sometimes. If you do, a pop up window should appear giving you the option of starting your run again or leaving the game (presumably to get hospital treatment!!). Some daredevil players may decide to collide with a tree if their run is not going particularly well, so they can start from the beginning again. I'll leave that up to you. The idea of the game while moving downhill is to pass through the Gates. These are shown by two blue or red flags close to each other, which you have to try and pass between. If you don't manage to pass between the flags, four penalty seconds are added to your time for each gate missed. If you hit a flag this reduces your speed by 5 mph each time, so to get a quick time you should try and pass between the flags without touching them. There are thirty gates of blue and red alternately set along the track and the number of ones you pass through or not are shown in the score panel at the bottom of the screen, in Gates Cleared and Gates Missed.

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